Battery Sizing Guide

Choosing the right battery for your application is very critical to ensuring that your solar system operates at peak efficiency, and lasts for as many hours of nighttime or cloudy weather. Whether you need something small, like powering your laptop, or a large battery bank for your new grid-tied or off-grid solar system for your home or office, batteries are one of the critical components of most electrical systems that we use today.

If you are using a small electronic device such as a walkman, CD player, or Remote Control, our rechargeable AA Solar Batteries are perfect for you.

If you are doing small solar applications such as pumping or lighting, generally, one of our smaller sealed lead acid batteries will be about the right size for you.

If you are working on a larger application, such as solar power for your home, office, or large scale remote lighting or power projects, our larger sunxtender batteries are going to be right choice for you.

To determine how many of which batteries you need…you need to determine how many amps of power you are using…and therefore, how many amps of battery storage you need to provide for your system.

To do this you should determine which appliances or power consuming items will be hooked up to your solar system. Then you need to determine the wattage and voltage of those items (this can generally be found on the label).

Amps= watts/volts

Then determine how many hours you use each of those appliances, multiply the amps for each appliance by the number of hours that it is used.

This gives you the number of amphours (AHR) that you need for each of your appliances.

When you add all those numbers together, you will have a total number of AHR that you need to supply with your Solar System for your appliances to operate as they do with a standard electrical source. This number of AHR is the AHR worth of batteries that you should purchase for your system.

DIY Solar Projects:

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