DIY Solar FAQs

Solar Energy is one of the most complex, and sometimes confusing forms of energy and home improvement to study. Because we know that you probably have hundreds of questions that you would like answers to about solar energy, our products, and the uses of solar energy in general, we have made this FAQ section to help you answer some of your own questions.

These are the questions that our customers ask us over and over…the important questions…and to save you the time and trouble of having to ask them, we have listed them here…questions and answers, for you to read through at your leisure.

Solar Hot Water Heating FAQs If you have questions about our great line of solar hot water heating products, read these FAQs and answers direct from our technical assistance, support, and sales teams. These are the solar hot water questions that we get asked everyday.

Solar (PV) Electric FAQs If you have questions about solar electric, or PV, this is the place to look for the answers. We cover everything from small battery charging applications to large grid-tied or off-grid applications for homes, cabins, and small offices.

General Solar Energy FAQs If you have general questions about solar energy, like how it works, or what areas of the country are best for solar, we have the answers, already laid out for you, before you even have to ask your question. How nice of us is that?

DIY Solar Projects:

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