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Thank you for choosing DIY Solar Guide, the #1 online resource for Do-It-Yourselfers across the world who are looking to purchase, make, or install Solar Energy Solutions into their lives at home, or at the office. Solar Energy is a wide ranging, complex technology, with different products that are useable for a wide variety of applications, from the smallest solar garden lights to the largest Grid-Tie and Off-Grid Solar Kits for home and office complete power.

At DIY Solar Guide we strive to offer our customers the very best in Solar Energy Technology that is simple and quick to install for everyone, from a novice homemaker to a well-season electrician or heating and cooling expert. Working in the Solar Industry we know that half of the fun of purchasing a new solar solution for your home or office is the learning process…learning about the basics of solar energy, learning what solar energy can accomplish in today’s world, what solar products are available, and how anyone can implement them in their everyday life to make their home, and the world, a better place to live.

At DIY Solar Guide, we have a lot of products that are designed to help our customers learn about solar energy, purchase solar products, and start living a cleaner, greener life without need of outside help, for the most part.

Our Products include:

  • Solar Hot Water Heating
  • Solar Panels, Cells, and Chargers
  • Educational Solar Kits
  • Solar Energy Books
  • Teacher and Student Learning Guides
  • DC to AC Power Inverters
  • Solar Charge Controllers
  • Solar Rechargeable Batteries (from AA to 305AHR)

DIY Solar Projects:

No Projects Of This Type Available.