DIY Solar Educational Kits

At DIY Solar Guide, we strive each and every day to educate our customers in the benefits, uses, and limits of solar energy, renewable energy, and these energy technologies can be used to make a great impact in your life, your wallet, and the environment as a whole.

To achieve this, aside from our online articles, databases, and information guides, we offer a large number of solar energy, and renewable energy educational products that our customers love. Our educational solar products include:

  • Educational Solar Kits
  • Educational Solar Cells and Panels
  • Educational Solar Student and Teacher Guides
  • Solar Energy/Renewable Energy Books

Educational Solar Kits from DIY Solar Guide are a fun, safe, and affordable way to teach students and children of all ages about the benefits and uses of solar energy, and other forms of Renewable Energy. We highly recommend any of our Educational Solar products for you if you are:

  • A teacher, or student in elementary school, middle school, high school, or college
  • A Parent who would like to teach their children about the benefits and uses of solar energy at home
  • A 4H, Boy Scout, Girl Scout, or other children’s, student group interested in ecological and environmental protection and renewable energy education
  • Just someone who is interested in learning about solar energy and renewable energy for your home or office

DIY Solar Projects:

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