Solar Energy Savings

One of the greatest benefits are the savings. And, even better, there are number of different savings that come from purchasing Solar Energy Systems, and using them as a major part of your life.

What type of savings are there with Solar Energy?

  • There are monetary savings
  • There are environmental savings
  • There are Energy/Resource savings
  • There are Carbon/Greenhouse Gas savings

Each and every one of these savings can have a major impact on your life, the lives of people around you, and the lives of people all around the world. What a tremendous feeling it is to do something that benefits people around the world. Well, that’s what Solar Energy does…each and every Solar Energy System that is installed has environmental benefits that reach around the world…and through time.

Monetary Savings: The cost of living is continuing to rise. Fuel Oil, Gasoline, and other forms of energy, including electricity, are continually rising in price. This has caused tighter budgets for many families and businesses than ever before. Luckily, Solar Energy offers a tremendous way to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Whether you install a Solar Hot Water Heater, or a Solar Electric (PV) System for some application around the home or office, you will begin saving money on electrical, fuel oil, and usage of other forms of Fuel that you utilize in your life today. Imagine if your electricity were free…you could take the amount you spend on electricity every year and put it directly in your pocket instead of the electric company’s. Or, imagine if you could heat your hot water and your home without the need for fuel oil, LP, or an electric water heater. This is what Solar Energy Offers you…literally hundreds of ways to save money each and every day.

Energy/Resource Savings: If you were producing your own energy using the sun, then you are no longer using up some of the limited resources that electric companies use for energy production…in a sense, you are saving resources because there is now a lower draw on the power lines, or one less customer filling up their fuel oil tank. Because there is only a certain amount of natural resources such as coal and oil among others, it is possible, and imminent that we will run out of these resources someday in the near future. With your move to Solar Energy, you are doing your part to limit the consumption of these fossil fuels, and ensure that they last just a little bit longer…long enough for the world to have taken note of the benefits of Solar Energy, and other forms of Renewable Energy…and begin to take the steps that are necessary to make RE a major of the life of every person who lives on this Earth.

Environmental Savings: There is a consensus among many in the Scientific and Political Worlds that one of the leading causes of global warming is the Greenhouse Effect…which is mainly caused by the buildup of Greenhouse Gasses, such as Carbon Dioxide, in the atmosphere, which traps the Sun’s Heat here on the Earth, raising the global temperature above what it should be at. Because of the detrimental ecological effects that Global Warming has, and will continue to have on the Earth, many Green Conscious people have began to look for ways to lower their Carbon footprint (the amount of Carbon that they are responsible for putting into the atmosphere every year). Your Carbon footprint includes your driving, travel on planes, as well all the electricity that you use, and the fuel oil that you burn. One of the easiest ways to lower your Carbon Footprint is to lower the amount of Carbon burning resources that you use…investing in a Solar Energy System for electrical or hot water heating usage will lower your Carbon Footprint, and help stave off Global Warming just a little bit longer. People all around the world whose lives could be destroyed by Global Warming, and future generations will thank you for doing your part to help out.

DIY Solar Projects:

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